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Welcome to NDLP Labour Consultancy Center. We believe in legally informed employers and employees.

Trade Union

The exact place and scope of trade unions and trade unionism in the sphere of labour law is an issue we well understand at NDLP. Our able team of lawyers appreciate and are ready to offer service to trade unions.

Corporate Labour Planning

On the other side of the Labour divide are employers. Corporate labour planning formulates part of the difference between viable and failing companies. At NDLP we offer a wholesale package thats helps employers.
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    Welcome NDLP Labour Consultancy centre. The constant negation of the negation featuring employers and employees is as old as labour itself. Labour law is the civilised vehicle that these cordial foes use to co-exist , legally fight , negotiate and preserve the enormous  gains that each has achieved , as well as those achieved jointly. Given the centrality of labour issues to matters of general livelihood , commerce and even it’s contribution to national political temperature, the labour Act of Zimbabwe is thus a contested document. We at NDLP occupy the middle ground in the “labour contest” , we are friends to  the at times extreme views. We believe in the neutrality of law and it’s agents in order to achieve objectivity and justice at all times between parties.

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    We at NDLP occupy the middle ground in the “Labour Contest” , we are friends to the two two at times extreme views.